Can't Remove P-3AT Slide

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by GaryM, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. GaryM

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    Dec 27, 2007
    Just put 75 rounds through each of two new P-3AT's.  Both worked very well.  Each had one or two FTE and FTF incidents.  But I am OK with that.  I did the fluff and buff before firing them.  Got back home and one disassembled fine.  The other...the slide will not come off.  After taking out the assembly pin it will only move forward about 1/4 inch before it stops, and stops solid.  I put the pin back in and it functions fine.  Rack the slide...fine.  Take the pin out and again it only goes forward about 1/4 inch.  Any one have this happen or have a clue what the problem might be???  Thanks, Gary
  2. regrip

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    Aug 10, 2007
    YES,-I-have-had-that-problem.-Still-do-on-occasion.-Have-not-figured-out-what-it-is-yet.--(Space-bar-does-not-work.)--With-it-unloaded-I-racked-the-slide-several-times-fast.--Then-tried-to-push-the-slide-forward.--I-had-to-so-this-a-couple-of-times-to-get-it-off.--I-can't-tell-what-is-catching.--It-may-have-something-to-do-with-the-Rod-Head.--Good-luck.---Tom :)

  3. peaceful99

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    Oct 21, 2005
    I don't think that's it. There is no way your space bar has anything to do with ......oh ......uh ........never mind. ::)
  4. GaryM

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    Dec 27, 2007
    Happy to say I got it.  I read a bunch of other posts on the topic and decided it had to be the recoile spring guide getting stuck.  I simply pushed back the slide to expose about 1/4 inch of the end of the recoile spring guide, grabbed it with my needle nose pliers and gave it a half turn.  Then the slide came right off.  Thanks to all the board posters that gave me the good idea.  This board is a great source of information......Gary
  5. JFB

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    Jul 25, 2005
    Glad you got that Gary.
    When you inspect the frame where the head of the guide rod rest, you'll probally see a shallow groove. I scraped that little ridge down.

    Another method when it hangs up, pull the pin, pull the slide back and let go. Then the next level, would be a leather mallet ;)

    After the first time and cleaning the raised metal, I've not had it repeat
  6. I don't think that's it.  There is no way your space bar has anything to do with ......oh ......uh ........never mind.    ::)[/quote]

    I now know one thing.... Tom if Santa could not get you at least a cheep $5.00 key board... Then Santa is a Cheep ^%$&

    The other thing I know is there are a lot of us sick ^&%^$ on this board ;D