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So this raises the question, is KT selling all the SU16s they make but they devote production to other platforms, or are they just not making many because there is no demand? Or maybe both. Seems there is a demand, but without advertizing or rifles in stock they'll never sell them. I stumbled on mine almost by accident, my local shop had one at another store that had to be shipped to them just so I could put hands on it. Another fallout of this is the market for add-ons (e.g. MCarbo) is zilch. At least in California this is a great rifle that doesn't violate the features restrictions. Why aren't there more in shops?

Incidently, the one that shows up on Gun Broker is a non-California compliant model so that market is not buying.
Definitely the su16 ia great for us ban states. The ruger minis are increasing in price it seems quarterly . I emailed keltec to make more su16 lol. Doesn't hurt to ask .
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