can I work  on my own p3at?

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by pistolpete35, Jul 4, 2011.

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    Jun 28, 2011
    I was over on the the Kel Tec website and I see that all parts are avialable to consumers, but they recommend the pistol be sent in unless you're a gunsmith. How hard is a p3at to work on? I'm thinking about getting another p3at. One for practice and one for carry. Before I invest heavy in the kel tec I want to make sure it is a gun that is serviceable by me. I wouldn't mind sending it back to the factory, but shipping both ways gets so pricey.
    I'm pretty good with my hands when it comes to working with metal. And I have had to do some filing/adjusting on a Ruger p95, a Taurus M85, and I have detail stripped my glocks to change spring/connector set-ups. So, just wondering how much hand fitting is required on kel tec parts or if they are pretty much drop-in parts.
    I'm very pleased to see that replacement parts are available. I was having some trouble with my Taurus M85 and through some research I talked to a guy on a forum that said Taurus wouldn't send him a new hand pin he had lost becasue it was a "restriced" part. Now can you imaging having to go through all the expense shipping a handgun just so some tech could put a hand pin in it?
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    Re: can I work  on my own p3at?

    welcome to KTOG.

    If you get some time, just search through this section and you should notice there is nothing on the P3 pistols that is taboo to tinker with. The ONLY part that the factory would need to replace would be the aliminum frame (part with serial number)

    modifing slides/barrels/grips/trigger/catches/springs are are documented somewhere in these post. Taking the pistol completely apart for cleaning is performed by many. there should also be links to vids that show how (and what tricks) are needed to replace the most dificult item, the hammer block.

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    Jun 28, 2011
    Re: can I work  on my own p3at?

    Sounds great. I found a youtube video that shows how to detail strip a p3at and it certainly looks doable. I'm really impressed with how well made this pistol is. When I first saw it I thought the rails were just molded into the polymer like a glock, but the way they have the aluminum frame pinned into the polymer is really nice.
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    Re: can I work  on my own p3at?

    My grip cracked and Kel-Tec sent me a new grip with internals. Took me an hour to remove the frame from one and put into the other and trigger assembly. Plus I added a Arma-laser while I had the grip pins out. They are very easy to work on. Go get some punches if you don't already have some.
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    Re: can I work  on my own p3at?

    Yes, they are modular and quite easy to work on.  Once you've removed the frame a time or two, it only takes a few minutes.  Knock out the 2 frame pins, unhook the hammer spring and pull out the frame.  Putting it back takes about a minute or two longer, just to keep the hammer bar in place and reset the trigger block.
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    Re: can I work  on my own p3at?

    heck yes you can work on it! even if you screw it all up, you are only out a around 200 bucks. just take your time and do your research. you cant learn if you dont try. gunsmiths are there for a reason but if you are dedicated to it, you can have a really fun time modifying your own weapons.

    best of luck!
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    Jun 12, 2008
    I have had my P3AT for several years and have not yet developed the nerve to dissemble it beyond the basics necessary for cleaning. Having just dropped and lost the ejector, maybe I'm not quite ready yet. That's just me. My eyes and fingers are not what they used to be.
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    Sep 23, 2004
    Had to "work on my P3AT" after the last range trip. The slide wouldn't come off during disassembly for cleaning. Finally had to use my rubber hammer with a light tap on the back of the slide to get it loose.
    Anybody else have this problem?