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    Mar 8, 2009
    Yesterday I finally found and purchased my first Kel_Tech--the P3AT.  I have been looking for one for weeks. The dealer who sold it to me also recommended and I purchased COR BON 380 Auto 90gr JHP ammo.

    This morning I went into my woods for some initial target practice and I have a problem I do not know what to do with.

    First of all, I am not that experienced with guns, so taking one apart--especially with a bullet in the chamber scares me a bit.

    At first, when pulling back to load a bullet into the chamber the bullet did not go all the way up and in. I was able to get it to out easy enough, but the same thing happened to the second bullet. After a few pulls the bullet did come up but now the the slide will not open or come back. I see a bullet in there, but it will not fire.

    So the bullet is not in there properly, it will not fire, and I cannot pull the slide back to eject the bullet or try to dislodge it.

    Suggestions anyone? Sorry to seem such a novice.
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    Bullet = The projectile that shoots out of the barrel.
    Round, loaded round, cartridge = A loaded round of ammo.

    I can't imagine what has your gun "stuck shut" that tight.

    Sounds like you just need to go "Hulk" on it and yank the slide back hard.

    If that fails, try putting the front edge of the slide (but not the barrel muzzle or recoil spring guide-rod) against a wood deck post, workbench edge, etc.

    Then quickly / sharply push forward on the grip as hard as necessary to open it.

    It goes without saying to keep your buggerhook of the bang switch.

    Failing that, you will have to remove the extractor to get the slide to open while leaving the round stuck in the chamber. Then knock it out with a cleaning rod.
    But I doubt that will be necessary, if you get physical with it.

    As for using Cor-Bon for practice / break-in ammo?
    Your dealer stuck it too you big time!

    Just buy the cheapest FMJ ammo you can find.
    American Eagle, Sellor & Bellot, Wallyworld Winchester, etc. will do just fine.

    Save the dollar a round ammo for actual gunfights!


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    What RC said!  If for some reason, you can't get the round out, take it back to the shop and let them do it.  Let them know it is loaded!  Then get some cheapo Full metal jacket (brass-cased only) rounds from Walmart or a sporting goods place.  Field strip the gun per the owner's manual.  Clean and lube the gun per these instructions, to include grease where indicated:

    Get 100-200 rounds of the FMJ ammo through the gun (not in one session), maybe 50 rounds at a time.  Clean and relube between sessions.  Then after it's broken in, try a couple of mags of the Corbon.  You may need another box of it.  You will notice the Corbon is loaded a bit hotter than range ammo.  It is good stuff.  Make sure you keep a firm grip with your wrists locked.  Pivot at the elbow.  If you limpwrist this gun it will not feed well.  Always clean and lube after shooting.  These light weight little pocket rockets cannot be neglected like a bigger, heavier gun.

    Regarding the slide not going fully into battery when chambering a round, that is not uncommon, especially on a new gun.  Simply bump the slide shut with the heel of your palm.  It will cycle just fine when firing.  After the gun is broken in, it will probably not do that, although it is a non-issue so long as it functions when firing.


    Mar 8, 2009
    Thanks for the advice. A little more rough handling and the gun worked fine. Fired several shots without further problems.

    Thanks for helping a nube.  I love the gun and and am now a proud Kel-Tec owner.

    I have looked forward to getting my hands on one of these for a long time. This looks to be the pefect CCW for me.

    Thanks again!
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    Welcome CONNAUGHT.
    Sounds like you got a BIG back yeard.
    And thanks to the guys for the help to a newbie.
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    Sep 7, 2004
    I'm glad you are up and running.
    These little pocket rockets are very cool. :cool: