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Took my new P3 to the range today along with some other handguns. P11, S&W model 66, Charter Arms 5 shot .38 stainless.

My wife grew up shooting rifles but this was her first time with hand guns. She did very well. The snubby 38 was her favorite and it was fun to watch her shoot the magnum.

The P11, which has always been flawless, did not like some Ranger Talons that I had hoped to carry. Just a few FTF's that were quick to clear but I want perfection in a carry round. It seems perfect with FMJ's and the Speer GD's that are my current carry. Guess I'll stick with them.

Now the P3. No problems with 100 WWB FMJ's. Picked up an overpriced box of Winchester Supreme SXT's. Twenty bucks for twenty rounds. The P3 didn't care for them much, a couple of FTF's. Shot a box of 102 gr GS's with no problems. This is my intended carry round. I was much more accurate with this little beast than I expected. Most rounds grouped a tad right of center at about 10 yds. Threw a few around on rapid fire.

Sorry no pics as we pretty much destroyed the target shooting all four guns and a few hundred rounds. Had some old ammo to shoot up.

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