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Scope, gun & great spotter works wonders.
I had the scope to suite me being a shooting range shooter. 6 inches off was good. That irritated the devil out of Adam my son. He wants to hit at 600 yards. Qualified in the Marine Corps at 500 meters open sites.Our limit today was 100 meters of range, with a spot on 50 meter scope. The Burris has the length to shoot much longer, but we didn't have the range.
3 minutes later we could do it/ correction "he" could do it. Using my M4 CMMG 16 inch barrel gas piston rifle. There was no wind to speak of today & he kept lobbing in the rounds.50 meters remind you. Scope was the Burris AR-332. Didn't hit the 10 ring every time, but was on the 12"X18" target 9 or 10 every time.
PS: I said something about the black crosshairs. In this scope there is a black circle & points. They light up green or red with the battery. Adam liked the battery off with no color in full sunlight.
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