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Sure, if you have a Kel Tec Shotgun, you largely have your bases covered for if the zombies hordes come marching down your street, and any home defense scenario that comes just shy of that. However, have you ever thought about some of the other uses for that beautiful hi-capacity bullpup scattergun?

The KSG for hunting

This hunter took a great pheasant with an early model KSG (Photo

One of the most beautiful and fundamental reasons to own a shotgun is for the fact that it is so versatile. For instance, when 12-gauge, the KSG's standard caliber, is evaluated, you can range from anything starting at #8 shot which can be used for quail and dove, then graduate to stronger #6 shot for rabbit and small game and keep moving into the buck and slug loadings for bear, deer and whathaveyou. Many of our members have done so, especially with upland birds such as partridge, grouse, and pheasant

With slugs, the gun proves to be a great option for those hog and deer at 40+ yards.
BrotherskeepersIII working a KSG augmented with a Bushnell red dot reactive optic with slugs out to 100 yards.

With that being said, providing there is no local, state, or federal law or rule against it, your KSG can double as a hunting gun if needed. The main thing to remember is to check your local laws first. The primary hang up you run into is restrictions on the number of rounds that can be carried in the shotgun's magazine.

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(Don't let people, especially the game warden, scoff, as long as you are following all of the local laws especially pertaining to plugging the magazines, your KSG can serve you well in the field)

Many states do not require shotgun magazines to be capped for small game, deer, or upland bird hunting or for taking nuisance animals such as feral pigs and crows. However, some states require that if plugs are used in a shotgun for hunting, especially when hunting waterfowl, which the plug must be of one-piece construction incapable of removal without disassembling the gun. This means that you will have to manufacture a plug to fit each of the tubes and work on how to safely insert them before you leave for the field. Word is that a 3/8" wooden dowel, cut to length, will work perfectly.

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Turkey? Better, believe it. KTOG member jbarchitect bagged this nice gobbler a while back.

Since you have 18-inch barrels, you do need to realize that your pattern is not going to be as tight as a on a 28-inch Remington 870 Wingmaster, so pattern your gun weeks before hand and realize your range limitations. If planning to use it as a wing shooter, you may want to also consider shooting a few rounds of...

Clays with the KSG

Now we aren't talking about bringing your bull pup to local competitions looking to bust trap and skeet against the Benelli and Beretta set, however there is no reason that you can't get into some basic clay sports with your KSG. Most recreational ranges that have clay stands will let you shoot anything so long as its a shotgun. Myself, I have taken my old Mossy 500 riot with its 18-inch barrel out there and done well enough against crossing clays to bust them more often than not. Backyard or camp shooting with hand thrown clays is even easier.

Oleg Volk, Kel Tec and pro-2A photographer extraordinaire, recently filmed Chad Enos using a KSG in just such use.

With that being said, grab that KSG and go have some fun.

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wrong on several counts Is that picture really Chad? Hi bud. I HAVE 2 BARRELS SET UP BY Chad , ONE HAS THE muzzle break choke adapter with a Remington extended rifled choke, Nikon 3X7 shotgun BDC. I have taken deer at 115 yards. Remington 7/8 ounce max sluggers hold a 2 inch group at100 yards. Wish I could find a fully rifled barrel for sabot, this could be a 200 yard deer killer. The second barrel has the shorter choke adapter with a heavy shot full choke and a Bushnell holo sight. The first time I used it for resident goose season after my 4 shot partner and I limited out, 16 birds in about 35 seconds the game warden came up asking who was doing all the shooting. When I explained we were legal he just said he just wanted to see the guns. he looked at the KSG and said "damn I got to get one of them". Hope he got one before they became illegal here.
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