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New guy question. Recently bought the .380, shot it, and thought it was rough. Did the buff, re-shot and the gun is much smoother. (thanks to the forum)

I noticed that when I had the barrel out and put a bullet in it, the fit was very loose; I've never seen such a loose tolerance/fit. Is this normal? Also the casings after being shot & extracted are beat up; they are expanded and bent looking. Normal?

Finally, when the gun is assembled there is slight movement when one lightly pushes one the top of the slide front to back. Is the gun supposed to be loose like this?

Just wondering for safety sake and if I should inquire with the company. To me it just seems overall loose, but again the gun is new to me.

Any help would be appreciated. I tried searching the form and have not found this topic yet.


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Yes to all of your questions. It is normal.

The KT's are all set up & chambered loose on purpose, just like a Glock. The loaded rounds fit the chamber loosely, but they also don't hang up 1/2 way in because of an out of spec factory round, or dirt in the chamber.

Bent & dinged casings are normal. As long as they empties get out of the gun, it's good to go. KT didn't design the gun with reloaders in mind. (Dang it!)

They are not supposed to be target pistols.
As combat guns, they need some looseness to permit reliability when dirty, full of pocket lint, etc.


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A big thanks to 'rcmodel', I feel much beter about the .380. Good to know there is reliable knowledge out there.

Gun shoots just fine, although low with sights lined up, but like you said 'not a target pistol'.

The gun has ended my very long quest of: 'what is the best, all around, most concealable, cc gun on the market.' I almost got the tomcat, but had many people up-talk the KelTec...the rest is history.
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