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The way I would look at the "+P" in 380 is as a marketing ploy. I really doubt that anyone would be ignorant enough to load ammo to higher pressure than the SAAMI allows. They would just be asking for mulit-million dollar lawsuit when someone's weapon goes KA-boom. I just think they load the +P 380 to the upper end of the pressure levels and use the +P to make people think it's a better round.

Now I can tell you from my personal experience that the BB +P ammo can be shot from a P3at. I've shot about 50/60 rounds of it. The recoil was stout but not shocking, it was similar to DPX if you ask me. The 100g HC was a very dirty round, the JHP's were about average. I did have the trigger pin of my P3 come out of place during one of the range trips but I have no way to tell if the BB caused it. I was also shooting a little DPX and a box of American eagle FMJ.

IMO I really don't know if the BB is worth the cost for carry ammo. Also I really don't trust the company because they switched from Gold dot JHPs to Sierra (I think) without changing the information on their web site. To me that is false advertising. I understand that Speer refused to ship the GDs to anyone during the ammo shortage but they could have informed their customers.

1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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