Buffalo Bore "Standard Pressure", what the heck??

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by oldgranpa, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. oldgranpa

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    Sep 23, 2004
    Just got the box of .380 90gr JHP Buffalo Bore "Standard Pressure" that I ordered. 20 rounds, it came in a box they must use for some kind of 50cal ammo. I guess they use the same box for everything. But would you give your size 12 shoes to your 5yr old to wear?? :-[

    Then I inspected the rounds. Case head is marked with 2 small stars separated with a dash, kinda like this but a star..... +--+ Now this is the same case head marking being used by CorBon on their DPX ammo I received a few weeks ago. So what's the deal? Are these people using brass from the same source or what?? Then the bullet. It's sure not a GoldDot but has a fairly large, deep cavity by comparison. Kinda looks like the old CorBon 90gr JHP bullet. You don't suppose they make ammo in the same place for both??

    Won't get to try it for a week or so. But sure looks fishy to me!!

    og....ripped off again!!
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    Apr 1, 2005

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    Jan 20, 2010
    Re: Buffalo Bore "Standard Pressure", what the hec

    +1 PshootR Yep, starline. Good brass though! :)

    I don't care for Bufflo Bore in any caliber personally.
  4. oldgranpa

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    Sep 23, 2004
    Re: Buffalo Bore "Standard Pressure", what the hec

    OK on the brass. Now, what kind of bullet do they use??
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    Oct 26, 2008
    Re: Buffalo Bore "Standard Pressure", what the hec

    I bought the 380+P Buffalo Bore Gold Dots...I know they have gold dot HP's loaded ;D

    The boxes are rather large, and the 380 ammo is rather small! ::)
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    Jul 24, 2008
    Re: Buffalo Bore "Standard Pressure", what the hec

    I'm pretty sure its a Sierra bullet, the same one that Cor bon uses. So the BB and Cor bon should be pretty similar.

  7. oldgranpa

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    Sep 23, 2004
    Re: Buffalo Bore "Standard Pressure", what the hec

    thanks CJP. Looking back at old wetpack tests I see that the CorBon 90gr JHP did not do well with the P3AT. Expansion was only partial or lacking. With longer barrel pistols, Sig P232 and Bersa, the CorBon did expand fine.
    So that being true, the same bullet as CorBon, I expect poor results when I get to do the next wetpack tests.
    If you want to search, Ballistic test pictures can now be viewed at USRange without login or having to register. Try here...

    edit..here is a link to one test in 2004....
    the unexpanded CorBon bullets in that test sure look the BufBore bullets that I just got.  Good grief, looks like I got a box of left over CB JHP!! :( :-/
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    Sep 2, 2009
    Re: Buffalo Bore "Standard Pressure", what the hec


    Thanks for sharing the info with us.  I think that most hollow-points have a velocity floor that if they fall below they have problems consistantly expanding.  Gold Dots would mushroom beautifully out of a Walther PK-30 (3.75" barrel) but would open 3 to 4 petals (out of 6) and tumble out of a P-3AT (2.75") in the expansion tests I did.  The Gold Dot's do seem to expand some and tumble which isn't necessarily bad.  Bullets like the Seirra, and XTP in 380 just seem like FMJ's out of the  P-3AT and really need at least a PPK length barrel to start expanding in standard pressure loads.  I agree with you so-so JHP's aren't worth the effort if JHP performs like a FMJ just stick with FMJ and use the extra rounds (50 vs. 20) to practice with.

    Best Regards
  9. tomwalshco

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    Aug 29, 2009
    Re: Buffalo Bore "Standard Pressure", what the hec

    After some research found the Buffalo Bore to be the highest velocity 380 I could readily find off the shelf. Bought a box of standard pressure and a box of +p. Both 90 gr. $22/20. Ran a few through my P3AT this morning with no issues. Although the +p felt like it was really straining the little guy, it handled them just fine and was not uncontrollable. Don't think I'll shoot too many more, but they will definitely be loaded in my 380 when I carry it. Just felt like it was packing a wallop much greater than the Gold Dots I have.