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I was at the LGS yesterday and a customer came in with a P3AT that he couldn't get back together, and was wondering if it was possible warranty issue. The man couldn't get his new P3AT to go back together again after cleaning it the first time. I paid no attention and was debating the merits of buying some copper washed Russian 380 ammo when I heard the pinging of the recoil spring guide rod flying across the room and hitting the wall a couple of times, and went to check out of curiousity.

The salesman who's P3AT I had fluffed and buffed and set up asked me to take a look at it. The spring had a bend in it and I reversed it on the guide rod and it went right into the slide. The owner looked relieved and then then tried to get the slide on the frame and it wouldn't go. After several attempts he asked me to try, and sure enough it wouldn't go. I figured something was wrong with the frame, and looked at it. The owner had pulled the trigger and the hammer was all the way forward. I fixed that, and the P3AT went together, no problem.

The owner was greatful and the pulled the trigger on an empty chamber. I mentioned that this wasn't good and that he should avoid doing that to which he said that a few times wouldn't hurt it. :-?

The happy owner then walked out the door, and the salesman turned to me me and said "You would think that he would read the manual". The only reason I bring this up is that a good portion of stories like this end up with the pistol being sent to Kel-Tec for service :( No wonder it takes so long for Kel-Tec to do warranty stuff.

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