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  1. dozer

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    Jan 31, 2010
    Hey folks! I'm kinda new here (Was a member on the old site) anyhow I was just wondering if there was any validity in the review of last months p-3at in American rifleman mag that states that this gun should be fired 200+ times before putting into service. That is always decent advice with almost any firearm but I was just curious to hear if anyone has had any major malfunctions in the "break-in"of their p-3at. I did notice right away that the feed ramp has a very steep angle and a less than smooth finish as the very first round I attempted to chamber got "hung-up" on one of the "steps" left by the factory machining process, I immeadiately broke out the dremmel and "smoothed" the ramp out, it now chambers effortlessly with the gold dot hollow points, but I haven't got to the range yet to perform the recommended 200+ round break-in, I won't however be using speer gdhp's for this procedure, more like win white box or pmc's. Anyway I'd like to hear some of your break-in experiences! As always advice is greatly appreciated.
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    May 20, 2008
    I think that any autoloader that you are going to use for sd should have a couple hundred rounds thru it. It does a few things, "breaks in" the gun, verifies the reliability, familiarizes the shooter with the gun, and its fun. I thinks a new quality (s&w, colt, ruger...) revolvers needs much less, but you still want to know the gun.
    That said, if this is your only gun, carry it during break in. If the zombies attack and all you have is a room full of nib guns and ammo brands you have never used, use 'em. ;)

  3. diamond

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    Jan 18, 2010
    I did the fluff and buff with 400 and then 800 grit before firing the first round.

    I have ran 100 rounds of PMC fmj through so far without a single hitch.  I even fully limp-wristed a full mag with no problems.

    Here is a pic of my "grip" while limp-wristing...
  4. blackberry

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    Dec 9, 2009
    I've had mine for two months now. I put 230 rounds through it so far with only 1 failure to extract. I used fmj and jhp ammo to ensure reliabilty before i started to carry it daily. I noticed how the first round would catch on the feed ramp also. I always keep a round chambered so I don't have to worry about it catching on the feed ramp in a self defense situation. ;)
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    Jun 10, 2009
    Hey dozer: You mentioned the NRA article and I found something interesting from a skeptic's point of view. The picture on the front cover is the Taurus and the description of the Taurus in the article, although still finding a bit of fault (only the mega $$$ pistol seemed to pass total muster), seemed to find more favorable words as compared to some of the other pistols. Being a bit of a skeptic, my question would be why is and how did the Taurus get on the cover and why to I perceive a slight "pass" on the Taurus that others did not seem to get. How about $$$? As to breakin--I bought it, I looked at it, I examined it, I felt all around it, I loaded it, I fired it, and that's about it.
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    Feb 10, 2010
    Columbia, MO
    I'm in the process of breaking-in my P3 -

    1 - cleaned it completely and totally (as per the fluff and buff) - this has to be the DIRTIEST new weapon I've ever purchased, lol

    2 - 50 rounds of FMJ at the range - one "stuck feed/jam" while shooting the second mag - and it was because my finger hit the mag-release and I could FEEL it and I KNEW there would be a feed issue as it happened - I looked at the grip immediately and the mag was not fully in place because I hit it with  my finger; I've been more careful since - no issues for the rest of that 50 rounds.
    ....and YES - the gun "bites" the web of my hand between my thumb and finger - but I expected that (and found an answer WITHOUT modifying the weapon, but I can't figure out how to post a photo here, lol)

    3 - took it home and cleaned it again completely - checking very closely for any wear (saw none)
    stopped at wal~mart to get something to relieve the weapon's "bite" lol

    4 - back to the range the next day (today) and put 100 rounds (same brand of FMJ) through it with no issues.

    Will I carry it now? Yes.

    Will I continue to use it at the range for further break-in? (as I would with any new weapon I purchase) Yes

    Did I solve the weapon "biting" my hand WITHOUT making any modifications to my gun? YES, lol - but I can't figure out how to post a photo of what I did! Anyone? Anyone? Anyone? Ferris?????


    edited to add photo..... TA'DAAAAAA!!!
    (yes, it was a privacy setting on my online album that was giving me issue - solved)
  7. JFB

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    Jul 25, 2005
    the photo file must be on the web somewhere
    then post the link to the photo between the tag
  8. regrip

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    Aug 10, 2007
    The whole how to is in this blog some where. I did it twice, but it's been some time ago. Used photobucket and it worked real well, it just took some time. Good Luck, Tom :)
  9. Toforo

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    Feb 10, 2010
    Columbia, MO
    I've tried that, as well as hyper-link, to my online albums, facebook - etc... and each time it tells me after posting that there's "no image"

    I'm pretty familiar with BB codes/tags - I've been an admin of several boards over the past 10 years -
    I think the issue is a privacy setting on my end (that I can't find, lol) on my public/online photos (my end, not this end) - it's been forever since I've used or had to access my online photo/file storage
  10. YooperP3at

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    Oct 12, 2008
    Have had mine over a year now.
    Took it to the range brand new....cleaned it well.
    Spent a couple of hours running fmj's thru it. Never had any problems.
    Put probably around 6 boxes thru it...300 rds. Cleaned it and have been carrying it since.
    Have probably put another 500 rounds thru it in the past year. Mostly fmj's. maybe 100 hp's on top of that.
    After all of those rounds....never had any problems or hang ups. 100% reliable so far.
    Just clean and lube it well.
  11. dozer

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    Jan 31, 2010
    I appreciate everyone's input and it's interesting how each person approaches the "break-in" period of these "small wonders". Since I posted this topic my range report is as follows; 100 rds wwb, 50rds speer gdhp's, not a single problem! Like I stated originally, in my particular gun the feed ramp was the "issue" I don't believe that every single Kel-Tec requires a complete fluff & buff to function properly (of course it doesn't hurt) I find that there's usually 1 particular area that requires a bit of care and who knows? there are probably a lot of them out there that require nothing at all to be top performers. Since Kel-Tec's introduction I have had faith in the quality for value these guns offer. Personally I use all my K-T's for carry purposes and I believe that they are not "target" or competition grade guns but "dollar for dollar" I don't think they can be matched for their intended purpose which I believe is a much higher cause than target shooting (unless of course your "target" happens to be strung-out on meth and going for your wallet!) Anyhow, thank's to you all for your input.
  12. mcinil

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    Feb 8, 2010
    I got my second p-3at today. Got the other earlier this week.The second will actually be a Valentines gift. Finally got to shoot it. Only put 50 through each and had only 2 misfires because of a weak wrist, being lazy with it. Just trying to fire it as I have read here and have a little fun. It hit where I aimed with no problems if I held it properly, even with one hand. Felt good to get out anyway and also had to run my 1911 and CZ.
    Take care, MC.