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Discussion in 'PF-9' started by Hxcore, May 14, 2018.

  1. Hxcore

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    May 14, 2018
    Bought a PF-9 that was made back in 2008 according to Kel-Tec. It came with the polymer mag release so that was the first thing I replaced. It was dropping mags with every shot just about. Kel-Tec sent me a metal one for free and I replaced the mag release, spring and everything was all good. I also replaced the recoil rod/spring when I first got it.

    I was bringing the pistol to the range at least once a week in attempt to get used to the recoil this gun has. Yesterday I got through about 6 rounds before the gun sheared off the disassembly rod and locked up. I'm guessing it might have walked out on it's own or I didn't have it in place correctly from the last cleaning. I was able to get the broken rod out and unlock the slide.

    I came home and ordered a new rod and threw in the metal recoil rod as well. Soon as the rod/pin gets here, we'll be back in action. I do have the 8 round mag extension as well.

    Thing is, guy at the gun range told me this gun really isn't made to be shot very often. I know it's an ideal CCW gun but I enjoy shooting it along with my other pistols. I'm putting 50-100 rounds through it every week or so. Is that too much? Should I take it easier on the gun? I feel like the old assembly rod was beat up a bit and fragile.

    What do you guys think? Also is the metal recoil rod worth using?
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    Mar 22, 2014
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    Keep On shooting... how many Keltec's does this guy own?
    It is my opinion that there are unique characteristics to the PF9 that don't make it a regular range option. That being said I put 700 rounds thru mine before it suffered several breakdowns that basically were my fault. Don't shoot aluminum and steel cased ammo in them. Don't slam magazines home every time. If you are death gripping the gun and still dropping mags, consider a grip sleeve. Don't feed it +p ammo all the time.
    It's a light weight, affordable carry pistol. It is not a hand fitted 1911. I do highly recommend the Northwood trigger kit. After I installed the trigger kit half the things I was trying to address with more practice rounds, were no longer issues. I replaced a mag release button also. And returned mine to the factory for a cracked frame, that was re-serialized and replaced.
    Today... my pf9 runs flawlessly. Newbie's almost always limp wrist the gun and invoke jams. I show them how to hold the thing and with practice they can shoot it well. It is by far my most accurate compact CCW pistol. I trimmed and epoxied my hogue jr grip sleeve on and it fit's my hand just fine. Mine also has the metal guide rod, I'd like to think that little bit of extra weight helps the recoil(doubtful, but I like metal vrs plastic for durability) The one defective +one mag extension I had Keltec allowed me to exchange for another magazine. I will take it with me to the range, every couple of months and empty the 4 mags I have for it. By then the squared off rear end will have made my thumb joint remember why we don't put boxes of ammo thru this gun on range day. But it does make nice groups, and disappears IWB.
    Look at it like this, if you're breaking it... then you're actually using it enough to learn the gun's strengths and weakness. Keltec will send you replacement parts as often as you need them.

    And welcome to the KTOG...
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  3. Blake Humphrey

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    May 10, 2018
    Dallas, TX
    I recently traded a S&W Bodyguard for a new PF-9 and I'm satisfied so far. I replaced the spring guide with the metal one Kel Tec offers just because it seems more reliable. I also got the +1 mag with grip extension and feel it's quite comfortable. I haven't broken it in much, but I've only experience one failure to feed that was most likely from me limpwristing it. Other than that, it's been a solid purchase for me to go with my P-11 and Ruger EC9s.
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  4. TxCajun

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    Sep 7, 2004
    For the record, I would not shoot 100 rounds per week thru any of my KT pistols for several reasons: They are not especially fun pistols to shoot. They are not target pistols. They are not plinkers. They are not duty-grade weapons. KT officially has rated them at a 6000 round life expectancy, with a lifetime warranty to the original buyer, of course.

    KT P-series pistols are ultralight, diminuative pistols optimized for ease of carry. They are mass produced and inexpensive. I classify them as "carry a lot - shoot a little. They are excellent weapons for their intended purpose.

    I do not beat up a KT that I carry for personal defense. When I go to the range, I shoot a couple mags to reaquaint myself and check function. Any quantity of shooting is relegated to more "conventional" guns.

    Some folks pick up a spare KT. They treat one like I treat mine, and put a higher round count thru the other. Just saying...
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  5. Hxcore

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    May 14, 2018
    Thanks for every ones reply. I just have the mindset of wanting to make sure I'm "comfortable" using the pistol. Like I mentioned, I bought the extended mag, mag release and polished the feeding ramp to a mirror. I've been able to get tight groups with it but was still getting used to the snappy recoil. Then I had the take down pin shear off so now once I get that in the mail, I'll throw a few more mags through it. I have OCD so I like everything to work perfectly..

    Thanks again guys.
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  6. Hxcore

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    May 14, 2018
    New disassembly rod came in today and works great. Also got the extended mag. I think I'll stick with the polymer recoil rod though because I keep reading bad experiences with the metal rod. I'll have it as a backup. Ran some blast caps through the gun 4-5 times and it fed and extracted great. Excited to get it back to the range.

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  7. TxCajun

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    Sep 7, 2004
    I agree on sticking with the polymer recoil spring rod. There is no advantage to steel and it can batter the frame a bit.

    You will probably lower your monthly round count after you are comfortable with the gun. I think most folks do.

    When you get back to the range, keep a close eye on that assembly pin. There were some guns a few years back wherein the assembly pin liked to go for a walk. It was probably the pins and most folks were able to cure the problem after a new pin or two, but I do recall a couple that were chronic about the pin walking out. Probably and hopefully, you had simply not properly clicked it into place, but keep an eye on it for a while just the same.
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    Oct 21, 2013
    I have owned 3 pf9's. I wanted to love this gun, but complete failure with all 3 guns. I shot no more than 130rds to 150rds in any of these guns. 2 were purchased bnib, 1 was used. I was never able to shoot a complete mag through any of them. FTE, FTF, magazine falling out of the gun. 2 of them, the mag would come completely apart after shooting the 1st round from a full mag. All 3 guns were owned at different times over a 18 month period. I gave up on them. The P11 was a very good gun. I just got a S2K for Christmas. I just got it back from the factory barrel recall, hopefully no more problems. I have only put 150rds though it since new.