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Already own an RDB Survival that I absolutely love, and so picked up the RDB-C to have a slightly heavier barrel. Love the form factor of these guns.

Out of the box the cross bolt safety was quite loose, and then after the first range session it was so loose it would just slide back and forth depending on the direction the gun was turned. Called Keltec and asked if they would send out a new safety and the associated detent but they said some of those parts weren’t available and that it would “void” my warranty. So I took the trigger and lower receiver apart myself as I didn’t want to wait 2-4 weeks to safely be able to shoot my gun.

I could find zero information or videos of this being done for this model, so I winged it. But got it fixed. Not 100% sure what the issue was, but I think the safety detent plunger was installed upside down (hard to know for sure as it popped out immediately as I separated the halves). Either way, I took all the parts out, put them all back in and it worked after that. So either the detent was in backwards, or the safety somehow was installed rotated with the little detent channel out of place allowing it to slide back and forth.

To take the trigger assembly apart you need to unscrew the mag release using a very small thin wrench (I just made one from some scrap sheet steel), and then punch out the bolt stop/release button and spring, and then just unscrew all the screws on that side (the side where the captured pins are captured) and slowly separate the halves. Make sure the hammer and trigger are in the fired position/uncocked position as it helps relieve some tension - I learned.

I also didn’t want a full 20” barrel, nor did I want the 1+ inch threads that come on the RBD-C, so I chopped the barrel to 18” and used an annular cutter and thread die to give me some more 1/2x28 threads, and a crown cutter/facing tool to just give me a simple 90 degree crown. Not the absolute prettiest thread job but its concentric and it shoots fine. Dead air mini brake is attached to use a Deadair Sandman K.

Hope this may help some future person! Thanks for reading.


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