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I was deliberating on how I was going to fix the heat and vibration issue from the bolt tube. Tacticool's option is a good one but custom look got the better of me.

I decided to go with cutting my own and ordered a few different materials to play with. Nothing really had the looks or function I wanted and most would require glue.

Then I ordered a set of motorcycle handle grips. I decided on Biltwell Inc.'s Torker because they had a 1" and 1.2" inner diameter offset for the throttle sleeve so I could try a floating sleeve and a fixed one.

After playing with the length and cut options I decided to keep the inner band for strength and cut to fit the closed end.

With the butt adjusted to the middle setting it fits great and I love the look. I will update further when I get a chance to try it in action.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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