Body worn camera and DVR

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    Ever wish you had video of that once in a lifetime event?

    Wish you had shooter's view video of range day? Or of that huge bass breaking the surface? Or that trophy buck as it's being hit by your shot?

    Want your hands free, but want video a record of an entire event?

    How about a safety, quality, or process record at work?


    The OCS Hard Hat Camera and DVR system is an ultra light weight, hands free audio (mono) and low light color video recording and documentation system that can operate and record in excess of 20 hours without skipping a beat. The model shown above, HHcam1A, is an overt system that records what the wearer sees and hears. The DVR features an A/V out jack for easy review and the SD card medium accepts up to 4 GByte SD cards (1 GByte provided), which is easily removed for data transfer to a laptop, desktop, etc. for review or transfer to a secondary / permanent storage medium. The DVR even has motion detection features that can be used to extend the recording span. The camera position can be adjusted manually (> 90 degrees left or right and +20/-60 vertically) to accommodate the user's preferences for wearing angle or subject aspect angle, etc.

    Model HHcam2 (not shown) is a covert (and more obstacle / snag / shock resistant) variation using identical main components. The HHcam2 uses a fixed camera angle. Custom camera angles can usually be accommodated.

    Model NHCam3 is like HHcam2, but employs a B/W infrared camera and internalized IR subject lighting system. It works in zero ambient light.

    Available accessories include:
    various hard hat colors (solid, pattern, or even digital camo or "Real" foliage patterns),
    removable and Hand held / hands free auxiliary subject lighting,
    palm-sized hand held video monitor (with or without neck lanyard),
    DVR / monitor combo or  Upgrade DVR/Mon combo (40 Gbyte HDD)
    battery extender pack,
    PAL video formatting,
    wireless transmission,
    auxiliary microphones,
    hearing protection,
    ballistic eye protection,
    custom logos / labeling,
    Spare SD cards,

    and others.

    Tech specs on request (PM me with your email addy)

    Prices start at $359 plus shipping (plus applicable sales tax in Indiana)