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Here is Bob Cogan at "Accurate Plating and Weaponry" talking about his Kel-Tec pistols. He is a fantastic pistolsmith, he has built two 1911 .45's for me. The first was a LW Combat Commander he did for me over 20 years ago, its still one of my favorite pistols. I thought his comments on the KelTec were worthy of reproduction. Teddy Jacobson of "Actions By T" is also a big fan, he busts on the NAA and Seecamp pistols and loves the little Keltec. Here is APW's website, from what I understand he does all the hard chrome slides for KelTec;


This pistol on the left gets more abusive treatment in a week than most people’s pistols get in a year. Dust from bead blasters, grit from polishing wheels and chemicals from plating processing tanks have been all over this handgun. I test fire the pistol several rounds every week on my indoor range before whipping down and blowing the goop out of it with the high pressure air nozzle. It has never failed to work.

The KEL-TEC .32 is virtually print-less as a concealed carry. Recently, I added a Kel-Tec 32 caliber to my carry guns. The 9mm rides on my hip and the .32 is pocketed. Fully loaded, these two pistols weigh only 22 ounces together. Sometimes I have to check to make sure their still there. If you look at the carry section I’m not going to try and tell you that my Kel Tec’s are the finest firearms I own but the most convenient one's I own and carry daily. That says it....

Also they are the least expensive firearms I own. Why do I carry Kel-Tecs? There are several good reasons. First, they work. That’s real damn important if you have to use it to save your butt. Second, they’re extremely comfortable to carry. This is especially true in hot weather conditions like when it's 95 degrees and 95 percent here in Florida when you can’t wear a jacket, or a vest and you don’t like wearing your shirt outside your pants or no shirt at all.

The 32 auto’s fully loaded with 8 rounds weigh only 8 ounces. Unless you wear skin tight pants, or consider ballet part of your fitness program, it doesn’t print at all in your front pocket. 32 ACP Mag-Safes make this a formidable defensive weapon.

These pistols cost under $305-370.00 retail. If you have to use a firearm to save your life, or someone else’s, you can be guaranteed the firearm will be taken as evidence by the Police. They can’t help it, that’s their job. By the time the details are sorted out you could be without that firearm for six months. No one in the Property Room is taking care of your gun. Would you rather have a $350.00 stock gun confiscated, or a $500.00 to $1,000.00 stock gun confiscated? I don’t think a C.P.A. is necessary to handle this question.

By the way, these pistols have a lifetime warranty. Not a bad deal for you the consumer. Prior to the Kel-Tec's the only small weapons were totally uncontrollable derringers, super expensive custom cut downs and exotic specialty guns. Oh there was another category of small weapons known as the pot metal or zinc "pieces of junk" which were so bad, they most likely saved more lives by mal-functioning than had they functioned. Thank goodness they were built that bad.



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Bob's excellent work is well known here. A pistol sent in to APW will be much more finely finished than a hard chrome gun from Kel-tec. Cost and/or time saving measures (little prep) for large Kel-tec (company) orders mean that those are generally not as nice as APW's "normal" work. We have seen many happy Cogan customers including Jocko who has have porting done there as well. In fact, I think his Kahr is there now. If I were sending a Gun to APW, I'd spring for the black cereguard finish. 8)
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