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Black/ Hard Chrome P3-AT

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Hello all. This is spooks other half. I currently carry a P11 and love it. All around it's been a great gun. I started looking into the p3-at's recently, wanting to get into something smaller. I've read many of the posts in here and everyone seems to agree florida prices are high. Today i went into a local Jacksonville, Fl. store with intentions of buying 2 of them in black/ hard chrome; one for me, one for the better half for her birthday. The best deal they could offer was 299 each and that was  IF he had them in stock and he didnt. He told me to stop buy in 3 weeks to see if any came in on that order. Other shops i stopped in didn't even carry kel tec and in one i was asked "Why would i want to buy an exploding gun?"....  guess everyone is entitled to their opinions. There any places in or around  NE Florida within a reasonable drive from Jacksonville that would have the black/hc in stock? Maybe even one that would give a deal on a purchased pair? I'm really not wanting to wait 3 weeks to find out they still dont have them. Thanks for any help.  
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Take a look here and make some phone calls. There are 4 pages of dealers. Someone has got to have a better deal: :-/


Good luck and happy shopping! :cool:
shooters was my first stop. they didnt have what i wanted and didnt wanna work with me much on price for two of them. everyone has a bottom dollar so i understand that. they are very nice there so that was a plus. gun gallery doesnt sell KT, and was tryign to discourge me from buying one. i passed thrifty and didnt evne think to swing in there.ill hit up a few others on the list already on my first outting. im willing to travel outside of jax if need be for the right price. thought about making a trip farther south if i have to. ill continue my hunt next weekend. maybe do some phone work and see if i can locate black/ hc before i go driving around. thanks again.
I couldn't find what I was looking for locally at a decent price, so I bought what I wanted on gunbroker.

Even after the $15 shipping and $20 local FFL fee, it was significantly less expensive, and no tax.
Spook said:
im willing to travel outside of jax if need be for the right price. thought about making a trip farther south if i have to.
This place loves Kel-tec. I guess Merritt Island is a bit far. :-/
Couldn't find the black HC P3AT at the Melborne gun show so I bought the navy one instead. The price was a little high ($329). The other HC P3ATs where priced at $359. There is another gun show in Ft. Pierce FL, at the Saint Lucie Fair Grounds. The usally have serveral Kel-Tec there. I'm more than pleased with the one I purchased. Just added the arma-laser, magazine pinky extension and the houge JR grip. Might also get another P3AT this weekend. Do the fluff and buff when you get your gun home and you won't be disappointed. ;D
Spooks, get ahold of Florida Gun Exchange on US1 in Port Orange. I was there this past weekend and was surprised at the KT's they had on the shelf.

P32's and P3's in ALL barrel finishes. Yes, your P3 in black/HC. If I recall, the HC P32's were $279 and I think the HC P3's were $299. They also had HC P9's and P11's I think for $319 and $329.

They also had a duo-tone Bersa .380 for $249, the same price they sold one to me at 7 months ago.

Not the lowest prices in the country, but not bad for FL and they DO have them on the shelf.

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