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  1. racerchris

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    Aug 11, 2005
    first of all, my apologies for diving right in and asking technical stuff (that loose ejector) before introduding myself
    my name's chris, i'm in lakeland florida, i stumbled across your site when my boss got a p3at to carry in his jersey pocket on bike rides, we thought it was a cool little club for its intended application and got curious about other keltec stuff and saw your link on their site
    i'm a mechanic, so i immediately started doing the f&b, and trigger stuff

    we operate a bicycle shop down here and ALWAYS carry at work--that might sound odd, but it was just a few years ago at a shop up in pensacola that a customer, angry because his shifter couldn't be fixed and would have to be replaced, walked out to his truck, got a shotgun, came back in, herded the only guy working that morning into the restroom and splashed him all over the wall in there--not happening to us
    thusly the little keltecs fit quite well with our needs

    in florida its legal to carry a concealed weapon or even openly carry at your place of business--we conceal, as many bike people are--shall we say...not gun people
    i'll be taking the ccw class on the 29th of aug and after that will rarely leave the house unarmed--as my friend larry, a swat guy says "all of the bad guys have guns, some of the good guys should have them too"
  2. pocketgun

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    May 4, 2005
    Jeez, over a shifter? That is why I carry: you never know what crazy ******* you are going to p!ss off by just being alive. :-/

    Welcome to the site!

  3. AlbertD

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    Jul 26, 2005
    Good God Chris!!

    What store was that in Pensacola? I lived near Davis HWY and 9th... Olive Rd area... Then, when I went back, I lived up in Pace... Hamilton Bridge Rd/Spencer Field area...

    Somebody was blown away for a friggin' derailleur...with a shot gun? :eek: God, I hope it was for some "phat" jewelled bling Campy stuff...and not Shimano... ;D

    Yowza...ya never can tell...