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Just shy of twenty years in operation, the Florida based company helmed by George Kelgren now employees almost 300 employees and makes upwards of 100,000 guns per year. Would you like to know more?

The dream works

Sprouting up as a startup in 1995 after Swedish-born firearms engineer and mechanical genius George Kelgren left the Intratec company, the official name of the concern is Kel Tec CNC Industries, Inc. The factory, located at 1475 Cox Road in Cocoa, Florida, is in Brevard County on the state's Atlantic coast.

Property Building House Real estate Home

The rest of the magic happens on Cox Road. Here at the site we have our own visit logged that makes great reading (and from where the images above and below came from)

Factory Building Machine

The only thing that is not 100% American are some of the pistol magazines, which are made by the internationally known Italian firm of Mec-Gar. However, do not freak out, they also make the mags for Sig-Sauer, Smith and Wesson, and others in the industry's mega millions club.

Kel Tec has been working its magic and steadily increasing production of its guns for the past twenty years as its line of guns has expanded. While the company doesn't release just how many guns it makes every year, the ATF does keep records that they release a year or so behind. This means that we can look at the ATF's records for 2012 (which were just made public in February of this year) and get a snapshot of Kel Tec's production figures.

According to the Feds, the company made 99,581 firearms of the following types in 2012:

19,291 .22LR pistols
2933 .32ACP pistols
10,360 .380ACP pistols
45,490 9mm pistols
14,145 Rifles (presumably a mix of SU-2000 carbines and 5.56mm caliber SU16s)
7,362 Shotguns (KSGs)

The company has some overseas sales, exporting 295 pistols, 1302 rifles, and 242 shotguns in 2012, but these amounted to just under 2 percent of the construction, which means the other 98 percent stay right here in the country.

When compared to the competition, Kel Tec is the 10th largest maker of handguns in the United States, beating such well-known names as Springfield Armory and FN.

Now these numbers are moving up as we speak, with company spokesmen stating that the KSGs for instance are now being made at a rate of some 200+ per *day*

Going behind the scenes

Hank Strange, one of the greatest unsung gun bloggers out there (complete with a tactical Mohawk), recently got a chance to go for the first ever video tour of the Kel Tec home office/factory/keeper of dreams in Coco Florida. If you are interested in where you KT was born at, and the behind the scenes stuff of George Kelgren's oompa loompas, set aside an hour to watch this video as it's very informative. Also, note that Kel Tec is an open-carry-at-work jobsite.

All we can say is how do we apply?
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