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Greetings KTOG'ers.  I've had my Hard Chrome P3AT since '07, pocket carry in a DeSantis Superfly.

Corbon DPX is my carry ammo, and feeds reliably, though I do have the occasional smiley. I did have other early issues.

Got some guide rod peening until I added a nylon washer to the guide rod hole.  Also had trouble with the magazine self-ejecting. I tried shaving the button and changing my grip to no avail. Sent it back to the Mother Ship for rework, but that didn't help either, so I made my own aluminum mag catch.  It's been 100% since.

Haven't had much range time lately due to the 380 ammo "crisis"  >:(.  But I'm sure things will improve soon.

My nephew has a P32.  I did a side-by-side handling comparison, and it's surprising how similar the recoil is between the two.  The peak magnitude of the recoil force seems identical, but with the P3AT the "pulse" is just a bit longer.

Thanks to KTOG for helping me through the early times.  It's all good!

P3AT, Spring XD9, Colt Trooper Mk3, Ruger Mk2, etc.
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