Bed and Breakfast for sale in NOLA

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    Sep 22, 2006
    I know this is a strange post on a KT board but I have learned from past experience that you never know where a buyer will come from..... and Louisiana got an F from the Brady Bunch so you know it is gun friendly state!

    Long story short, I bought this place with my former wife, as you can tell by the "former" we are no longer married but still own this property. Neither one of us can buy the other out and our respective personal lives are busy and even the small amount of time it takes to run the place is a burden on us. Many people have the dream of running a B&B and this is the perfect chance to do it- this is a Turn key operation with no start up time-

    If not for the divorce situation I would never sell this place but alas that is not the case. I'd be happy to entertain any logistical question about running the place- PM me with questions.


    Three room licensed B&B with separate 2 story, 2 br, 2 bath owners building in the Marigny Triangle, one block from Frenchman St. entrainment district, 1.5 blocks from French Quarter. Hot tub & courtyard.

    Turn key operation; B&B furnishings, linens, appliances, web site, business bank accounts, plants and irrigation system, credit card processing account- the works! Ready to start making you money the day you close on it!

    Listed with agent, please forward all inquiries to:
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    Good luck with selling your B&B.

    Wife and I usually take 1 or 2 motorcycle trips every year, usually to Key West. Back in July, 95, wife who is from Germany, suggested we go to New Orleans. She had never been to NO and wanted to see what it was all about. We usually seek out B&Bs and found a motorcycle friendly place on Kerlerec St. near your location.

    It was a great experience, as usual, owned by a gentleman who was a retired engineer who spent most of his career in the oil fields of the Middle East. The location was convenient enough we were able to park the bikes and walk or ride the streetcars to all the tourist haunts.

    While there, we met a family from France enjoying an American vacation. My wife speaks French, so we were able to buddy up for meals and sight seeing. Here's a pic of their son sitting on wife's bike, which was a big thing for him.


    So much for my B&B stories. Your B&B is a great opportunity for a retired couple, not a lot of work involved and our experience has shown they are very popular in tourist areas.

    BTW, how much $ in those business bank accounts :) (just kidding)