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    If this exists, I am sorry. A lot of research leads me to think this would be a great thread for us S2K owners. The base plate portion is what I have been the most interested in. High capacity stick mags are just fine too.

    If you want to share details like:
    • Brand of mag
    • Brand of base plate
    • Add an opinion if you want
    Going First - I was on the hunt for base plates that worked with my huge hands. These are what I came up with. TACwolf base plates. The other picture is Dawson Precision mag extensions. They will take a factory .40 mag and allow 19-20 rounds. These from TACwolf have really made me love this S2K even more. Everything pictured is on factory G22 mags.

    I am left handed...




    Then the Dawson Precision:


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    Mine uses M&P mags and anything that works in the M&P I've found to work in the sub2k. That includes Pro-Mag 30 rounders, Taylor Freelance mag extensions, and of course S&W mags. One thing that doesn't work, and I wish it did, was adding a Taylor Freelance extension to a 30 round Pro-Mag. They just don't go onto them. Too, while I call the Pro-Mags 30 rounders they are sold as another capacity if I remember correctly and the capacity varies from mag' to mag' from a high of 34 to a low of 29 the last time I checked them.

    The Taylor Freelance extensions require minor modification of the follower.
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