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    Nov 30, 2007
    I went to the range this weekend and shot off a full box of ammo, when I got home I took my KT apart to clean it like I usually do. I dismantled it at my work table and took the slide, barrel, return spring, and rod to the bathroom to let it soak in the sink (I filled with wd40.) I figured with that many rounds and the half *** cleaning jobs I usually do that letting it soak for a couple hours wouldn't hurt it. Well, everything went well, I came back a little while later and as I pulled the parts out the sink I wiped them down with a clean rag. I guess I wasn't really thinking right or maybe I had to much on my mind but I could have sworn I had everything out. Long story short, I pulled the stop and as I watched it drain I seen something go down. At that second it hit me that I didn't get the barrel out. I tried to grab it but it was too late. I took the bent pipe off under the sink but its not in there. So now I guess I have to wait till monday to get a plumber to see if I can get it out the sewerage. I haven't been using the sink in that bathroom but my g/f did brush her teeth in there this morning. Other than that it hasn't been used.

    Do you think I should go through that much trouble to get it out or should I just replace it? If so where can I get a new barrel from for cheap?
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    I've done that more than once myself.
    Every sink I've ever seen had a "U" shaped pipe connected to the drain called a "trap". If you can unscrew the trap from the rest of the plumbing (it's not usually that difficult unless the pipes are old and corroded) you should find the barrel lodged in the trap.
    Before I tried that though I'd get a flexible magnetic pickup from an auto parts or hardware store and try putting that down through the drain hole. I can't imagine a barrel getting thru a sink's trap. I've recovered smaller parts than that from the sink trap.


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    First ,  :eek:.
    If it is washed down line you can get a plumber w/ a camera cable out to find it but it will cost as much as a barrel.And if it got into the main line any water from the upstream lines would/could wash it out. Are you sure it's not stuck in the trap?  Good luck.
    I'v got an old sink in a cabinet in the garage for projects. It is not plumbed,just has a bucket under the drain ,might be something to think about.