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I've have asked several grocery stores (butchers) if I can have a few of their large, bone-in hams, that have reached their expiration date. The key is convincing them that you are going to shoot them--not eat them!

I'm drafting a "Hold Harmless" agreement that releases the butcher and grocery store from any liability resulting from any possible sickness due to consumption.

They make a great medium for testing ammo. It's a shame that they just throw these "expired" hams in the dumpster.

Will let you know of my success in this matter!

Not really sure why you can't simply look up Box O Truth or ballistics info unless you just want to see things for yourself. Perhaps just tell them you are baiting raccoons instead of sounding like creepy guy looking for animal legs to shoot. Hell you just let some hack at a grocery store know you have firearms.

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