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Just now ordered the Armalaser for my P3. Am anxious to receive it and try it out. Will post photos when I get it, also my first range outing with it. Thanks for all the inputs from this sight. Tom :)
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Just had a knee scope last Wed. Have not had op. to get out until today. Went to the range with Armalaser installed. Had a pretty good outing. Still working on sighting in the laser. Going to sight in at 15' to 17'. So far I am very happy with the results. I really like the touch-on feature on this. I also filed down the Mag. Release to make it not protrude out the side so much, and I like it better. Will post my target results next week when I get out again. Like the laser real well. Thanks for everyones knowledge that uses this sight. Tom :)
Had first outing with Armalaser this morning. Used Winclean 95 GR. Had a really good expereince. Will spend a little more time to tweek sighting but much better than I had been doing. No fails out of 25 to 30 rounds. Can't wait for the scherer extension I ordered. Also called Kel-Tec to order spare recoil springs and rod and extractor and spring, they did not charge for anything, not even postage.   :)

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Looks like that is working out real well for you [smiley=thumbsup.gif]
I like seeing the Kel Tecs with modifications (like yours); thanks for posting the photos.
Thanks. I also filed down the mag. catch on the left side so it would not stick out so far. Don't know if you can see that in the photo or not. I saw one post that said his catch might be pushed in while in his pocket causing the mag. to release. I did'nt want that so I tried filing it. So far I'm happy with the modifications I've made. :)
Nice Group and nice post regrip.

And +1 on the mag release. I have metal releases filed down on on all of my 3AT's.
Thanks, I think I need a metal release. Where do I get one? Are they hard to install? Thans, Tom
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