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AR grip/stock adapter sneak peek

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I've been working on this idea since I first bought a SU several years ago. Not satisfied with the look and quality of the other stock options, I teamed up with my buddy who's a CAD designer, and set out to make our own. This is a rough prototype that has been 3D printed. The final product will be machined out of 7k series aluminum. It is set up to use AR grips with or without the beavertail. The rear has two tapped holes that will fit any Ace style modular stocks and folding mechanisms, so you can run more than just AR stocks now! Here it is shown on a PLR with a sig arm brace. This rough prototype was just to prove fit and function, which it does fire like this in ABS plastic. We will now focus on smoothing the design, trimming some fat, and making an aluminum prototype. When we get the design finalized I'd like to get some Beta testers on this forum to get some feedback. Thoughts?

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Well done. Don't own a SU series firearm yet so no beta test opportunity for me. I'm sure it won't be too hard to find a few interested folks around here though that can help you out.

Best of luck with this.
Cool. I remember a few years back someone prototyping something similar. Got a lot of interest, but nothing ever was offered.
An AR style and placed safety lever would also be a huge plus with this redesign.
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