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Wilson said:
Yep! That’s the company that does Kel-Tec’s hard chroming.

Wilson – who’s thinking about a PF-9 hard chrome as he types  ::)

They did my porting and hc slide finish on both of my kt minis. Mine looks exactly like the one pictured (the 380kt). Their finish work is awsome. They prep the slides before they do their HC finish work , where as with kt slides, they (becuase of price) hc them as they come in to them. They do no prep work to the slides. Bob Cogans works is right up there with the best of them IMO>. His porting for the kt 9's IMO is alittle high, as Mag-na-port can do it for the same money and their porting IMO is the best on the market Their port cuts are trapazoidal, not just round holes. Price is the same..

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Jocko... Do I see a Cogan, hard chomed, ported PF9 in you future? 8)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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