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I went to the Wolff site to look for springs specifically for P380.
None there, all that I could see were for P32
# Factory Standard.: 9 Lb.
# Extra Power.........: 11 and 13 Lb.
Does KT use the same springs for both P380 and P32?
As mentioned before, I have trouble getting gun to go completely into battery when using HPs, and sometimes even with FMJs.
I've had the F&B done, so my next step will be new springs.
I did buy the gun used, so I really don't know how much of what has been run through it.
I think the Extra Power springs would be the solution.
Some years back I had a P32 and changed out springs on it for the same problem, if memory serves correctly.
Thanks guys.

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Wolf has yet to make anything but promises regarding P3AT springs. The stock recoil springs for the P3AT are about 12.5 lbs, or so I've been told. Just call KT and gety some new ones. Service will send them free or sales will charge 50 cents plus several dollars shipping.
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