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Jimbo 47: I'm a Vietnam-Era Veteran myself. (Sworn into the USN 7/19/73, "Delayed Entry" program.) While I missed having my 18-year-old white arse being shipped off to Southeast Asia by a mere four months, I understand what you endured. (Before the '68 Tet Offensive, I could have sworn that we were winning!)

All that aside, I hope that your P-3AT serves you well. I recently purchased a P-11 and just finished putting 200 rounds through it. A "trigger shoe," some grip tape fore-and-aft and filing off some of the aft frame "sprue holes" were al that it needed to make it work for me. You might want to invest in some Militech-1 lubricant to make the darned thing run even smoother than it already does!

Were I you, I would invest in some ether some VERY hot lead loads with a flat Meplat, or some conical FMJ loads (with an arcane point.) These make some VERY nasty wound channels, and tear the living hell out of what gets in the slug's way!

When it comes to the "lower-powered" cartridges, I seek penetration over expansion. If you can't make it past either the cranial structure, or the sternum, you'll more likely need to "empty the magazine" into the malefactor. I'm certain that you want to "stop the action" as quickly as humanly possible to bring this "serious social encounter" to a swift conclusion... in YOUR favor!

Shoot straight, and May God bless you, Brother.

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