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I'm not much at these communications, but I feel compeled.

After much research I just purchased a 2'd G, HC, P-3AT(instead of a PM-9). The purpose of me writing this is simply to help any other people who are doing their research.

I have since put 400 rounds through it in 3 sessions. I have 3 FTE's total. Each came after 75 rounds using Mag-Tech FMJ. At the end of each session I fired 2 clips of Hydra Shocks and have never had a failure with them. Even at the end of the session.

Opinion: My FTE's could be my fault and not the gun.

I hit what I point at. The recoil is much lighter than I expected. The price is right and carry size is optimal. I LOVE THIS GUN!!!

I will test the Corbon DPX rounds in the gun. From what I read and hear, they are the SDR of choice. I also agree with the concept of layering a quality FMJ with a quality JHP for this caliber.
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