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I lost count on my Blued/Black CT enhanched 3AT.

Went to the range today.  I had decided before hand to dump the two carry 3AT mags of the year old Cor-Bon DPX since I got another box of the DPX last week.

I figured it has been awhile, so I planned on running a hundred rounds of WWB since the gun would get dirty anyway.

All bad breath close quarters engagement. (Week hand on target as draw starts.)

Drawing from the 5:11 holster tucked in the shirt compartment- dump first mag while retreating rather quickly to the 21 foot mark- reload and then 6 more shots from cover.

COM every shot- no failures of any kind.

The 3AT has not gotten much carry time since I got used to my G27,  but the drill today re-confirmed my trust and confidence in this fabulous little gun.

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P3AT's are great. I love my little pocket rocket. In fact, I love it so much I am gonna have to get me another one. :cool:
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