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I have purchased from these folks in the past, and had good experiences with prompt shipment, good prices, reasonable shipping charges, and good selection. I have previously recommended them here on KTOG (somewhere - I can't remember where!)

I want to recommend them again, based on what just happened today. They charge flat rate shipping: $9.99 for up to 25 lbs, $19.99 for up to 50 lbs. I know from previous orders that you can buy 6 bricks of Aguila .22LR 40gr ammo and just sneak it in under the 25 lbs limit. Today, I put six bricks on my order and the shipping showed as $19.99. I emailed them asking what was going on. They replied back in about one hour and said that the manufacturer had come up with new packaging that was slightly heavier. And when they weighed the new stuff, their database had been updated. They also said they had noticed that the "standard order" for Aguila had recently dropped from six bricks to five. But they didn't know why.

So they updated the per-brick weight in their website database from 4.2 lbs to 4.15 lbs so that customers could get the cheaper shipping charge once again. They said a change like this stays within the variance guidelines that shippers allow for flat rate.

I thought that was mighty nice of to do that, I didn't ask them to, they just did it on their own. So I wanted to mention their good customer focus here.
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