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Ammo, which ones to try?

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I have read and learned, Corbon JHP seems to be the majority ammo for the p3at for self defense, but i am interested in trying a variety for fun. What else should i try and where to get it?

I stopped by a local gun shop and the corbon was $24 for 20 rounds as were all the other comparable rounds, including speer dot. The remington version which had 25 bullets, was $30. I find that too high.

I emailed the ammoman for 380 ammo but never heard back from him and his web site shows only two brands of ammo. Where are you folks ordering and who has good prices?
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Try Wal Mart for cheaper range ammo.
american eagle/winchester fmj for cheap range ammo and break in
Not just Corbon HP, but Corbon DPX for the P3AT is what seems to be the most popular amongst the HPs. Most of the non-scientific but very believable testing shows that to be the only HP that is going to expand reliably out of the mini-barrel.

Other than that I shoot whatever is available but have a strong preference towards Federal American Eagle because it is relatively cheap, available and has tested well.

I get most of my ammo from one of these three:

I go for the one that has what I want in stock at the time for the best price including shipping.
All three have shipped very fast and without any problems.
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