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Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by torrent, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. torrent

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    Dec 18, 2006
    Rant on
    I went to Sportsmans Warehouse today to pick up some .380 ammo along with other kinds and there was none there! No bulk, WWB, UMC, Indepence, nothing! Not even carry ammo of any kind. I flipped my lid. Then I went to D!ck's to get some. They only had UMC so I got a box of those. $18 flippin' for one 20rd box! :eek: I've never heard of such. Everybody I talked to said they couldn't get any in. Yesterday I was at a LGS and they had ordered some and it didn't even show up. The world isn't going to stop turning but my world is really going to slow down if I don't get my ammo fix!
    Rant off.
  2. Ape

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    Jul 16, 2008
    It seems to be like that every where? :-(
    But the 380 ammo seems to be worse than other calibers for some reason?
    I still have about 900 rounds stashed, but I can't even find any on line anywhere???? >:(
    Which in turn is keeping me away from the range so I don't use up my stash! >:( :-/

  3. nmshooter

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    Jan 25, 2008
    I hear ya Josh. When I got my 3at all I was able to find was some old copper coated bullets that the 3at hated!

    It took me some time before I found some online from ammotogo or something like that when I ordered what I could. I had always been able to find ammo (WWB) at my walmart and nothing. No 380 and 9mm. A little bit of 45 auto but I already have 900 rounds :D

    Fortuntely I went back about twice a week and I actually found some in a couple weeks. I bought what they had and they have been out since. I have been rationing my shooting on my hi point 995 carbine just because the 9mm ammo is so hard to find.

    As for sportsmans warehouse...I quit going there. Last time I went they had a few shotguns, a couple bolt actions and...9 pistols. 9 in the whole store. :eek: >:( The wall was empty. Bullets? ha! the only thing they had were the premium hunting bullets that were way above a buck a round. pistol bullets...nada.

    Hear ya man.
  4. JB

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    Oh, you'll really hate this, then...

    The WalMart locations in my area finally have .380 trickling in.  I have heard of various locations getting a few boxes but they are sold out by the time I get there.  Last night, I pulled a case of UMC hollow points off of a pallet, myself (spied them before anyone else did) and bought four boxes of them at $32 and some change per box of 100.  Not gloating, just relieved that I finally saw .380 at Wally World for the first time since before Christmas.

    .38 Special and .357 are just as scarce as .380 around here - even more scarce in some places in my area (bums me out because I love shooting my .38 and my .357.)  9mm availability is limited and was hard to find for a couple of weeks - although one local WalMart location has had at least some Blazer Brass 9mm on the shelves pretty steadily except for those couple of weeks.  I have been buying a couple of boxes nearly every time I am there to build at least a small 'stash' of 9mm.  After all, I have three 9mm mouths - er - chambers to feed.

    I am with you on limiting practice/fun shooting.  Aside from some limited .22 plinking (as .22 ammo has also been a little scarce - though supplies seem to be returning to normal), limited practice with my P11 has been just about it for wasting lead, for me, since before Christmas.  Until getting those UMCs last night, my .380 'stash' has consisted of one mag full of Federal Hydra-Shoks and one mag full plus fifty UMC HPs.  I'm going to have to limber the P3AT up at least a little this weekend before I forget how to properly run it!  If things ever get back to being close to normal with ammo supplies, I'm building a real stash - not in preparation for zombie invasions or anything but just so I can still shoot some in case supplies get so limited again. Hopefully start reloading, eventually, too.
  5. MoonDoggy

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    Jun 19, 2008
    Where are all of you guys??? I can walk in almost anywhere and buy as much of this stuff as I want. As a matter of fact, "Richard's" Sporting Goods (might as well re-type it myself before the software nanny nails me) has a big sale on right now selling case-lots of Remington UMC. The price has gone up substantially since the last sale ($9.99/box last sale, $11.99/box this sale for 9mm), but I can still get as much as I want. There is another local shop in the area that has just run out of Blazers for $8.99/box but just got in a big shipment of Winchester White Box and has them for $10.99/box (9mm). All the other calibers are the same, just different pricing.

    I guess that's the one advantage to living in a state with communist gun laws (Massachusetts).....there are so few people who even have a gun permit here that ammo is always available.
  6. frankmako

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    Mar 11, 2006
    Chattanooga TN
    here in east tennessee 380 ammo is hard to find. the big box stores and most small gun stores don't have any. the big box stores are out of everything. the small gun stores that have some 380 are priced at or above $20.00 a box for fmj ammo. called georgia arms today and they don't know when they are going to have any. so out comes the reloading stuff,,but i had to go to five different stores before i could find some small pistol primers. i paid $39.99 plus tax for 1k primers. and they had only one brick. there must have been a run on 380 acp guns over the last several months for 380 ammo to be this short.
  7. Sassi

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    Jan 10, 2008
    You can buy from Georgia Arms. 380 ACP ammo can be had. It just means ordering and waiting a few weeks but is well worth it. For anyone wanting info on the new Kahr P380 try
  8. abuck50

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    Aug 21, 2008
    NW Ohio
    I went to buy ammo at Walmart. I went to buy a couple of 50 rnd boxes of WWB but put it back. They wanted $35.97 per box of .40 S&W! I told the manager that there must be a mistake. She called the sporting goods manager and he said it was that high cause it was "WinClean". I told them that was a rip off and that they could keep it.

  9. enigma4you

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    I was rumaging around my back closet and found a heavy bag. Inside that bad I found 200 rounds of .380 acp and 100 of 45 acp. I swear it was like xmas. I dont remember buying it. I asked my wife and she didnt get them. I was thinking the bullet fairy came by.

    My wifes ex husband had been in wal-mart when they restocked. He picked them up for me and gave them to our son (His son my step son) He put them in the back of the closet and forgot about them. He knew that I had been having trouble finding ammo and saw thay had 2 of the caliburs that I shoot. He's a heck of a nice guy.

    I cannot find large pistol primers or small rifle primers.
  10. RJMcElwain

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    Sep 16, 2004
    I just checked Midway USA, which is my main supplier, and they're out of every brand of .380 ACP. I've never seen that before. Guess I won't be going to the range for awhile. :'(
  11. olemissmike

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    Jan 29, 2007
    I buy mine from Natchez and they are out too. This is really bad but I have to believe that more .380 is coming soon because of the pent up demand. Somebody's got to be making it!!!!

    Fortunately, I don't shoot alot of it. 9mm and 45 ACP is only a little better with availability.

    .223/5.56 is pretty thin too.
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    Sep 24, 2006
    Tucson Arizona
  13. alioop

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    Aug 28, 2008
    That's awfully nice of your wife's ex. Very nice indeed.