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As it turns out, no shots fired, for eventual lack of target.

I responded to screams from the lady friend, who was out in the back pasture just hollering and wailing about ... something.

Then she called me with her cell phone - there's a SNAKE!

Leave it alone.

But the CATS are messin' with it!

(ok, the cats are her babies... )

Whats it look like?

White parts and dark green.


No rings and bands

(I did a quick memory search....)

Any red stuff on it?

Yah, sort of orangy deep or red

Ok... does the white touch red, or black?

(time passes slowly....)

Red white black white red white....

Oh hell, that's a coral snake, don't mess with it! I'll be right down and shoot it.

Well, by the time I got there, like 3 minutes later, KSG off the rack (I keep it ready with buck and bird shot)... the snake was gone.

However... it did turn up again last Friday, and was sorta predestructionated. Pretty bad shape.

There it is out on the back patio, close to my fireplace.

Generally I'll leave non venomous snakes alone, or even most venomous ones alone if they're a ways out from the house. But ya know, closer in, with the critters we got here, I don't take chances that one of 'em is gonna mess with it and get killed. There is so precious little coral snake antivenom left since they quit making it all together, so there basically is no fix for critters except to quicken things along. Sadly.

Mr Coral Snake was already in a seemingly bad way like someone else got to it with a board or something, so I hastened its journey to the hereafter with a flat shovel upon its head, and gave it a proper cremation.

And no chance to use the KSG. Oh well.

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About as fat as my thumb and maybe 20-22 inches long. A good size one indeed. Most are more like a pinkie and just over a foot long. The small size is what'll getcha. Don't look to fearsome that way, but.... just like a pygmy rattler, not something to pick up and mess with.

My lady friend is one of those "kill all snakes" folks. She also don't like the mice, rats, big lizards and palmetto bugs and such. Try to tell her - those good snakes eat that stuff three squares a week, and she don't care - just kill 'em.

Luckily she carries an LCR and can't hit a bull in the backside with it more than about 10 feet away, so the snake killin's been my job. Sometimes I wonder if I just gotta go fire a shot into the ground and wink at ol' Mr Snake and hope he gets the message.
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