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picked up a Glock Model 22-police trade in with very bright night sights and a slightly used Gen 2 Sub 2000 in .40 that uses Glock mags. Carry it in a 17" screen lap top bag and everyone ignores it. Also have a 22 rnd Glock mag in the gun and 7 loaded Glock 22 mags in the bag. doesn't print or sag.

So far I've installed a tube cover, plastic cover for the cocking lever and the extended recoil pad. Found a hi viz front sight in my AR box and a light I had laying around I've installed. Ordered the Mcabo trigger kit and other than that the only thing I plan to add is a sling. I'm a retired Detroit SWAT training sgt and carry the Sub so I can get back to the AR in my car.

You never know what you never know!:rayof::drwho:
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