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Alloy version arrived!

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KY Guns emailed me an in-stock notice on may 20. ordered one that afternoon and some time the 21st they went out of stock. Picked it up this afternoon. Plan to hit range tomorrow
1. Cosmetically looks great.
2. One 12, one 15rd mag.
3. Trigger is 4#. I like it. About 1/4" takeup, then smooth pull of about another 1/4", and trigger breaks. Trigger reset at about where the pull started.
4 take down piece of cake. No issues. Any kind of tool pops out the pin. Sllde slides right off.
5. Set safety to just grip safety.
6. Mag release too low. I can't reach it. Added height with gob of hot glue as a test. I think it should be about the same height as grip panel or even a bit higher. Spring is strong enough that I don't see accidental release. Testing will tell.. maybe an aftermarket opening. Mags pop down but don't drop because of the heel of my hand holding them up. Short grip, man sized hand...
7. I really like how it fits in front pocket of jeans. IMHO prints less than my lcpmax. stays upright better and that lets me grip and draw it better. Did not expect that.
8. Love those tritium sights. Way brighter than the junk one on my Taurus revolver.
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WOW!!! I cant wait to hear about the range test and felt recoil. How does it feel in pocket loaded with ammo?

What's a comparison on the thickness of the grip panels. Glock like?
No idea comparing a glock. Don't own or shoot one..


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Figuring no sales tax or shipping, price was right
Beautiful. Ok well can you compare the thickness if the grip to something you own. Just to give us an idea of how it feels in hand . What about front to back of grip?.
Ok, tomorrow I'll get out my calipers and compare to a 1911 and lcp max and p11.
I wqs able to stop by keltec and compare the alloy and poly versions before i decided. It wasn't easy deciding, but I didn't need a rail, and darn it, wood grip panels and metal vs plastic, i felt it was worth the extra $200.
Oh, the hard case is awful, not even a handle. gun comes in a zippered soft case in a hard case. but the soft case is a bit too big to easily fit inside the hard case. and the hard case only has foam on one side so the gun inside the soft case will fit in it. But that means without the bag, nothing holds the gun and magazines in place and they slide around. I'll have to add another piece of foam so I can trash the bag. I got spoiled by the great case the CMP uses to ship their 1911's in.
I'd have said, ditch the soft case and go to a better hard case
I have been lusting after the aluminum version. I have almost settled for the poly. Like you i am infatuated by the wood grips and aluminum frame . It's just a great look. The added ounce or two should be worth it.
You strip off the slide and suddenly you are holdng this complex machined piece of alloy that weighs.... NOTHING! it is really surprising how light the frame is.
As promised. Measurements are at widest points
P15 f/b 1-45/64" w 1-7/32"
P11 f/b 1-61/64" w 1"
1911A1 stock from WWII
F/b 2-7/32" w 1-1/4"
And boy does the 10rd mag with the pinky extension feel good. Hope one fits the p15 12 rd mag
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Soft shooting. 100rds with arthritis and my hand feels great. a lot softer recoil than my p11 or my lcp max. I thiknhe weight of the longer slide and barrel really helps shot 2 kinds of handloads, lead and coated, cheap commercial fmj, and federal golden sabre. All 125gr. no issues. trigger could be a little heavier. Doing rapid fire I did 2 shots that almost felt like it doubled the reset is so quick. I didn't have my shooting glasses so I either had the target real crisp but both sights really blurry, or wore my reading prescription readers and sights were crisp but target was a really fuzzy ball. Either way made elevation hard so I tended to vertically string.
And if you want a thinner grip, you can thin by 5/32" by taking off the wood. just need to chamfer the frame opening where your thumb rubs. And for mafia shooters, a wrap or 2 of friction tape to prevent finger prints and provide grip


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Ok now you really have me l lusting for one. Time to get on the ball and sell some parts and save my pennies.
Good luck finding one right now. that's why I jumped on it. I buy now and sell later(if at all). I do think my p11 will be getting sold though. The only good feature compared to the p15 is double strike.
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Just out of curiosity I called KY Guns this morning and explained who I was and asked how many P15's they had gotten in stock since they were now out of stock.
Answer, 1 , the one I bought! So if you want one and see one, don't hesitate.
Next question would be what the production #'s of the metal P15's are. I bet it is pretty small.
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This is the metal one. Not an option
This is the metal one. Not an option
Good to know. Any and all details are welcome
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