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This is an anti friction lubricant for metal. ( Not Flesh :rolleyes:)
I used it with great success at work and It does add life to moving and non moving parts. A fine gentleman years back at the company gave me a sample he mixed with Hoppes 9. It helps out a lot. I have added it to many different brands of gun lube with great success. It works with oil buy putting a protective layer between the metal and the friction surface. It penetrates the Metal and has longevity to protect the surface for quite a while. Its expensive :no:But for the results I think it is worth it. . 8 ounces protects an engine for a long time so a quarter of an ounce in your favorite gun lube should do the trick. Look in to it and tell me what you think.:ty:
Product Cobalt blue Liquid Material property Solvent
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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