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Many moons ago I bought a P-40 with no .357 barrel after seeing one with a .357 barrel go for a reasonable price. I figured it'd be no problem to get me a reasonably priced .357 barrel for it.

I was wrong.

It sat in a safe forever, coming out here and there to run some 155gr Federals through it, and then back to sleep it went. After buying my 06 FXT though, I found that it had a door in the dash for some reason, and inside was a pocket designed to hold a P-40, a spare mag, and a flashlight. Good thinking, Subaru!

I recently came across a P-11 top end for a smokin deal locally, met a great kindred spirit in the process, and actually got some trigger time on the P-40 with 9mm rounds. The trigger though, it's so bad. Not just the pull, but the weird shape.

On Sunday of last week, I came across something called a Glock 26. What's this? This dash pocket is actually the correct size for a baby Glock, not a P-40, I'll be dipped...

While I considered the G26, I called my friend Google on the phone, and discovered something called a Glock 33. In case you don't speak Austrian, that's a double stack, 3.5" barrel, .357 Sig chambered pistol...from the factory. 10+1 with little mag extensions put on. Normal trigger shape, 5.5#ish pull, and it seems a bit heavier. Similar dimensions to the P-40, slightly longer, slightly wider, slightly shorter in the grip though (still a two finger ordeal)

It's 10 degrees out, so I haven't fired it yet, but my heart says the P-40 is going down the road. I blame Kel Tec 100% for discontinuing the .357 barrel (and never even bringing the 32NAA barrel out for real, I actually have a set of dies for that thing!). I won't be letting go of my P3AT or PF9 anytime soon, still great shooters, sure would like a 32NAA and a 30 Luger conversion...

Anyway, wish me luck while I learn to sprecken some Austrian.
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