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P-11 & P-40, PF9, Beretta neo, Springfield XDS .45
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$15 for a box of Hydra-Shok... :confused:

Still kicking myself... A few years back, found a HC P40 in a shop for $175, looked practically new. Original owner probably shot it once, said "Nope" and locked it up for several years before deciding to get rid of it. Me, thinking "I don't want a new caliber" left it on the shelf. :cry::cry:
Here's hoping that you find another one some day. A month ago I wasn't even thinking about guns as I was out shopping for vinyl records Stopped at a pawn shop and noticed it in the case. At first I thought it was a P11 but when I found out it was I decided to purchase it knowing the hard chrome is rare to find especially in the P40.
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