A Fallen Hero

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    Jan 30, 2007
    Today is a sad time for a Toledo, Ohio Police Department. Last Wednesday early morning 1:59 am. a Toledo Police Office named Keith Dressel was shot and killed by a 15 year old boy. One shot to the chest with a 38 revolver. Det. Keith Dressel was able to get 6 shots off at the boy before collapsing. Det. Keith Dressel died at 2:36 am. he was only 35 years old. He left a wife and a 4 year old boy and a 6 year old daughter behind. The young boy turned himself in that day after he had talked to his probation officer. The funeral was in Temperance, Michigan. They had 37 States represented from other police departments. One department was from Hawaii. The funnel procession was 3 miles long. Two Fire Departments, one from Toledo, Ohio & Temperance, Michigan was at a crossing road with there ladder trucks and had there ladders extended all the way out and a hug flag hanging from ladder to ladder as the funeral possession drove beneath the flag. There was firemen standing at attention as the Hurst drove by and under the flag. They had estimated around 3 thousand was at the funeral service. At the gave site they thought that there was around 2 thousand people & officers together. This was all live on ABC & NBC & CBS in our area. The last Toledo Police Officer that was shot in the line of duty was 36 years ago. If I remember right I think we have some officers that belong to Bersa Talk. I thought that they would like to here this. Our PRAYERS are with the Wife & 2 children and family. This doesn't need to be replied back to because I don't have any answers for it. Unless you just want to post your feelings for Det. Keith Dressel. I don't know the officer and family but I just thought it would be nice to Post it in his honer. ---

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    Oct 24, 2006
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    amen..... our prayers go out to his family too

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    Mar 29, 2007
    I too am saddened by the loss of this fallen "fellow officer". I know first hand what happens to the families and friends of police officers killed in the line of duty, it is a loss that can never be rectified.