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Me too, but if I caught the drift of the thread they're only available as a part that is purchased and the user modifies it to fit the RDB.
Yeah, but they're a snap to rig up. They definitely hold a whole box of brass without complaint, but you can empty them anytime with the zipper on bottom.

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I saw a thread down a ways in this forum where people were waiting on a brass catcher to come out. I just made my first one by modifying an $8 AR15 brass catcher purchased from Amazon here:

The chinesium wire loop is very stiff metal and it bends easier if you heat it red hot with a propane torch. It will bend without one but it takes a lot of force.
Thank you for your excellent instructions, Holescreek. I would like to add my contributions here.
  • Bending the "chinesium wire" is quite difficult and prohibitive.
  • It seems to be a brittle steel and is prone to cracking.
  • I destroyed mine even after annealing it with a torch.
  • There are also no parametric guides since this is "hand fit".
This bracket is the step that prevents most from attempting this modification.
So I've used my engineering background to CAD model a solution, and propose more accessible methods.




First, I redesigned your proposed bracket to a new form that utilizes three points of active retention.
This has a few benefits.
  1. It removes hand fitting from the equation. It can be 3d printed out of any PLA+ material.
    As long as KelTec has reasonable manufacturing tolerances, this should fit anything out of the box.

  2. The spring-loaded arches apply enough force to "lock" the bracket into place on the RDB(-C) rib.
    This removes play and slop when the wire-only design is attached.

    To wit, I've lifted the firearmunder its full weight (with optic) from the catcher without it detaching.
    Removal involves running your finger across the rib to "unsnap" the PLA+ mount.

  3. If people lack access to a 3d printer, this can be made with simpler materials.
    To mock the "spring, I used a regular everday coathanger. This requires no special tools and can be re-bent as necessary.
Caveat: using a coathanger requires using 1 piece of heat shrink to retain the rear cut lugs.
Suggest doubling up the wire on this section, and a longer piece of heatshrink tubing that crosses both rear 90 degree bends.

Once I work out kinks in the STL -- and with your approval -- I can probably forward the STL file to KelTec or Spectrum Advaced Manufacturing (
S.A.M. are active in the "California compliance" 3D printing community, and would allow those without a printer to get the bracket (if not using a coathanger).


Above are reference photos for those attempting coathanger hand-fitment highlighting areas of detail.
See (1). Firearm was on safe and loaded with SnapCaps to ensure catcher function, magazine drop-free was unaffected.
See (2). "Bag lanyard hole" is facing rear. Seamless and has no sharp protrusions of wire or PLA+ to mar FCG housing.
See (3). Brass catcher is now a load-bearing part. Thankfully I didn't have to find out if Leupold has a good warranty.

There is actually a brass catcher available -
Brass Catcher for KEL-TEC RDB by Custom Cast usa | Etsy

*edit - I see dazed already posted about it - more info in his thread
Brass Catchers being sold
Given the nature of the design, it may make sense to loan the STL to CusomCast as the 3D printer service.
This would permit rewarding folks involved in the KelTec community, hopefully encouraging more development.
(I am new to this community so I am not clear the tribal community knowledge behind its development. When in Rome.)


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