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6 + 1

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To date, I have not have any failures of any kind in my new P3AT with the exception of the below scenario. I load a six round clip, rack the slide which chambers a round, drop the mag so that I can top it off and re-insert the mag...thus, I now have 6 + 1. I have had failure to feed on the second round a few times with this configuration...kind of upsetting having to rack the slide again to continue Any suggestions or experience with this? I shoot DPX and Winchester White Box...grease the slide with the same grease I use on my M1 Garand. This is a 2Gen pistol and I did a mild fluff-and-buff on it. :-/
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That happened to my 1G P-3AT initially. I figured it was a likely due to a new/stiff magazine spring. I worked the follower up & down with a ruler a couiple of dozen times and it did not repeat.

How many times have you fully loaded the mag? If not much, perhaps it is still a bit stiff. Maybe also disassemble the mag to make sure all is OK in there.
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