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.380 Target Ammo

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I've been looking for cheap, reliable ammo to break in and practice with in my P-3AT.  Usually the Winchester white box or Remington UMC from Wal Mart seem to be favorites for cheap, break-in or practice, but as we all know they have been hard to find recently.

I frequently see Aguila and Federal American Eagle listed pretty cheaply on the on-line sites and I'm wondering if they are good for practice.  The Aguila description says it is used by the Mexican police and military and it is manufactured to military and SAAMI specs.  The Aguila is a little cheaper than the Federal.

Has anybody used Aguila or Federal AE in their P-3AT?  I'm particularly wondering if they feed reliably and how clean they are.  As clean as UMC? As dirty as WWB?

Thanks for any information or experience you can share on either of these two.

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The American Eagle is good ammo. Don't have any experience with Aguila. I tried a box of Wolf steel cased and it FTE every other round. Don't use!!
American Eagle is the only 380 I could find locally ($17.95/50) and I was wondering about the Aguila ($13.95/50 online) I always thought 380 was almost as cheap as 9mm, oh well.

I've used Aguila before with good results...... but then again, my P3AT hasn't had a hicup yet. Seemed cleaner than WWB too.
The range I'm a member of only uses Federal American Eagle for .380, and you have to buy their ammo. I had 3 Fail to Fire, and 5 rounds jammed after the spent casing was ejected. This was out of 100 rounds. I don't have anything to compare it to in regards of how clean it shoots.

EDIT: I was mistaken when I said the range only used Federal American Eagle. That's all they had the first time I went.
The vast majority (1000's of rounds) through our P3ATs were AE with nary an ammo failure. I have also heard good things about Aguila and would purchase either but would prefer AE.

One other thing about the AE ammo in FMJ. I have seen several tests that show it is the most penetrating FMJ in .380 just in case you want to use it for protection.

My theory is that the .380 caliber in most guns can be a little finicky when it comes to ammo brands and not all brands work as well as others. For my P3AT, AE works well. I have heard that others have success with Wolf, but mine barfs it back up. ;D
Thanks for the replies.  I sounds like I'd be safe to order either brand.

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