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  1. randall

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    Aug 14, 2005
    WTB .380 carbide reloading dies any make with a 7/8x14 thread. Also .380 brass, and bullets 90gr or 95gr. I know things are tough and hard to come by but we must help one another if we can. Thanks...60Panhead
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    Mar 4, 2007

  3. Moose

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    Jun 22, 2005
    I have been told by two LGS owners that reload a lot more than I do, that I can use my 9mm dies for 380.
    They are both .355 in size, just need to adjust for the slightly shorter case.
    I'm going to try it soon.
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    Nov 4, 2004
    The bullet in a .380 is the same size as in a 9mm and, yes, you can use the same bullets although a typical 125 grain 9mm is going to be a bit heavy for a .380.  The .380 case has an inside taper and may show a bulge with heavier bullets.

    Good luck using the same dies.  I have heard people doing that before but never heard good reports on followup.  The 9mm Luger is a tapered case, .391 at the base and .380 at the mouth.  The .380 Auto virtually straight walled case, .374 at the base and .373 at the mouth.  The 9mm case is .754" long, the .380 case is .680" long.

    All the above means you are going to be sticking a case that is 20 thousandths smaller in diameter and 0.074" shorter into a die and hoping it will compress it back to its original diameter.  Since it is 20 thousandths less than the 9mm in diameter, it will never be squeezed back to its original diameter.  and since it is shorter than the 9 mm it will never go as far into the die as the 9mm and may not even get as much compression as the 9 will.  Nor will there be any kind of crimping when the bullet is seated.

    Now, if you are reloading and using the cartridge in the same gun it was originally shot through, you might find it works most of the time.  I suspect you will experience some bullet setback due to a poor grip on the bullet.  

    People claim to do it all the time but considering what the end product is for and where the case is headspacing on in the gun, I prefer to use the proper resizing die.  I've never kaboomed a gun yet............................ ;D

    I wouldn't let any LGS owner who advocates using 9mm dies to reload .380 work on any of my guns nor would I follow his recommendations on any reloading equipment.  Your milage may vary.

    Dan R

    Edit to add : Didn't mean to hijack the thread, just felt a warning was appropriate since I don't consider using 9mm a safe way to reload .380. Oh, and there are about 11 sets of .380 dies on E-Bay right now, and a couple on GunBroker. Not sure what the cost is, didn't look.

  5. Moose

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    Jun 22, 2005
    Thanks, that's some good stuff there.
    I looked at my book closer, and saw just what you wrote above.
    I went ahead and loaded 50 (95gr) just to try, just hope no crimp won't hurt anything, they look good though.

    I'll be looking for 380 dies now.

    I don't mean to hijack this thread either, but the info is good for anyone reloading.

    EDIT - I tried to cycle the reloads I did, wouldn't cycle worth a [email protected], some popped out of the magazine.
    So I pulled them all apart, and wait on my 380 dies to show up.

    DON'T use 9mm dies to reload 380.
  6. Moose

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    Jun 22, 2005
    I went to the Lee web site and ordered a set of 380 dies, just have to wait on them.
    I'm not paying the high prices on ebay.