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The general concensus of self defense theories seems to be to just dump a clip at the COM and alternately run/hide/pray/die. Not good. As so many pro's in hunting tell us, shot placement is everything, and the P3AT is fully capable of accuracy at typical defensive distances. I believe that the same type of logic used in defensive martial arts can be used very effectively with a small caliber handgun. After all, all you want to do is stay alive.

Martial arts fighters, whether barefist, or armed, aim precisely for nerve centers. Two of the best centers are the groin, and just below the sternum at the solar plexus. While bringing the P3AT up from its holster, start with a groin shot or two. The recoil pulls the barrel up for the next shots, at the solar plex. If the BG isn't on the ground singing soprano yet, you still have two shots left for neck/head.

The larger calibers have brute force advantage. With the .380, if you plan to defend yourself with it, place your shots where they will drop the BG instantly, and remove his will to attack you. For this, the .380 is more than adequate. Practice with profile targets only. Very few BG's have bullseye targets stapled on them.
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