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IMO, in a SHTF situation, I'd be happy to put rounds into CM, never mind precisely calculating shot placement. I say this because of videos I've seen of LEOs in shootouts where the LEOs put rounds anywhere but the BG. One in particular, the pavement in front of the BG was taking lots of punishment, you could clearly see the puffs of debris from the rounds hitting.

So my thinking is if professionals who train for these situations, who regularly are put in situations where they have to have their guard completely up, end up having a hard time putting rounds on point when hot lead is coming their way, am I going to be so cool and calculating that I can say I will put rounds here 1st, then there, etc? I'm thinking no.

Only guy I know that shot someone close up and personal (guard tower in VN) said he was scared chitless, just put rounds into the guys (2 trying to sneak in at night) as quick as he could. Even at a distance of only a few feet, his rounds hit them all over the place. Shoulder, neck, chest, butt. I consider that what you could most likely expect in a close up situation. They are moving, you are moving, adrenaline pumping means your weapon is probably not going to be nice and stable in your shaking hand.

Like I said, I'd be happy just to put rounds into CM and hope that's good enough to get it done.
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