2nd HC P3AT (HC) or 1st PF9 (HC)

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by BillK, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. BillK

    BillK New Member

    Jul 23, 2007
    Full Disclosure: This topic is being posted on both the PF9 & P3AT forums.

    OK so every two weeks or so for several months now I’ve been calling my dealer about whether or not he’s gotten a HC P3AT. Been wanting a second P3AT in HC to replace my blued one for carry and then relegate (after getting a replacement for the slide that had been peening) the blued for most of my P3AT practice. Well, calling today Chris says no he hasn’t gotten any Kel-Tec .380s in but has gotten 6 HC 9mm. OK I say, tell him I’ll call again after Christmas. I lied!
    Immediately called back and asked if they were P11s or PF9s. PF9s he says. How much I ask. $290.00 + tax says he. Uh, let me think about this says I to myself. I say something or other to Chris - and thanks - and hang up.

    Sooo … Got the bucks saved to buy one or the other but not both. I keep going back and forth as to why I should pick up the PF9 and then that I should just wait for the HC P3AT. What choice would you make and why? BTW it would take me about four months to save again for a PF9/P3AT.

    Thanks …

    Ps. BTW I fully realize that this is not a big issue on the grand scale of things; that all to many would be happy to have this amount of money to spend on food or other essentials.
  2. rls1158

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    Oct 18, 2007
    From my own experiences with the 3-AT and the PF-9, I'd get the 9. Just my opinion for what it's worth. My HC PF-9 has been almost flawless and the couple of times I had problems I caused them. On the other hand, I've owned a 3-AT for 9 weeks now, 8 of which have been spent at KT.

    The 380 is obviously much easier to conceal and you might get a good one if you wait. On the other hand, you might get a bad PF-9 if you buy now. Get the highest SN the dealer has on the PF-9 if that's what you decide on.

    I'm sure there'll be lots of opinions headed your way on which gun to purchase.

    Good luck and God bless.


  3. HET45

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    Mar 6, 2005
    I got an early model second generation P3AT's S/N HETXX. I got on this forum and did a fluff and buff with a rampectomy and proceeded to run a bunch of Winchester White Boxes through it with no flaws.

    Now I am waiting for a PF-9 that may get here by Christmas. If it gives me half the service that the P3 did, I will be happy.

    I will do a light fluff and buff on the PF-9 when it gets here.
  4. flonder22

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    Feb 11, 2007
    If I were in your place I`d go ahead and get the PF9, then later get the HC P-3 later. I say this because in my case, the P-3 is the only pistol I have right now and while I`m very happy with it and trust it and all, I kinda been wanting to get something with a little more punch. :)
  5. BillK

    BillK New Member

    Jul 23, 2007

      Thanks for your input. Any idea about what a recent ser. # might be?
  6. dgreer

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    Nov 14, 2007
    I carry my P3 every day but if I were in your position I would buy the PF9 now. Here is why: I usually buy my ammo at WM. I recently noticed that the 9mm is about half the price of 380. With the ammo $ savings over a year you could be well on your way to saving for your HC P3. And who knows how long it will take for it to come in anyway.

    Let us know what you decide! ;D

  7. spence13e

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    May 11, 2006
    i'd also go w/ the PF9. you already have a P3, so why not get a bit bigger gun? and i would bet that i could carry a PF just about as easily as the P3 (normally carry the P3 or P11).
  8. rls1158

    rls1158 New Member

    Oct 18, 2007

      Thanks for your input. Any idea about what a recent ser. # might be?


    My PF-9 SN is R3QXX and as I said, I've had no trouble. I think some of the guys on this forum recommend SNs starting with R3S and higher. Some have mentioned R4. Get the lastest you can so maybe you can avoid some of the pitfalls of the earlier models.

    Good luck and God bless,

  9. BillK

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    Jul 23, 2007
    Well, went to the gun shop today, with $340.00 spending cash in my pocket, to look over a HC PF-9. Made a deal with myself that if there was one available with a colored frame and an R5 serial number I’d plunk my money down and get the gun. The dealer had 3 of the 6 HC PF9s and they were all black framed (so were the 3 that were already sold). The particular gun I looked at had an R59xx serial number.

    Truth be told the gun just didn’t speak to me if you know what I mean. I pretty much liked the feel but not as much as I remember liking it when a handled the PF9 maybe 6 months ago. The mag release on this particular gun was rather stiff which didn’t help things although I’m sure it would have loosened up over time – had to push really hard to have the mag drop. Didn’t ask to see the other two copies, both of which might have been fine. Also found myself thinking that the gun would be to big for pocket carry and that for IWB or OWB carry I could pretty easily conceal & carry more gun.

    So I’m back to my original plan to get a 2nd P3AT in HC.

    Thanks for all your help …