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Cleaning my P3AT , 2nd gen, I noticed that around
the recoil spring guide rod on the outer upper edge
you can see some outward peening starting/ I have to look with a eyeloupe because Im bout
blind, lol. Anyway with that same eyeloupe I looked
at the guide rod and it looks like a screw with the
threads stripped off of it. It felt smooth and I didn't
see any flat spots but I broke out the crocus cloth
and polished the guide rod to a mirror finish and
cleaned and greased the guide rod when I reinstalled. Mine is about 2 years old ser# HHHxx
and once I did the fluff and buff stuff and it broke
in Ive put only maybe 500 rounds through it and
havnt had any kind of failures. My question to you
all is do you think this is a concern that I should
take up with KELTEC or just keep an eye on?

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  Keep an eye on it. Watch that it does not get worse. If you can see any spring through the front of the guide rod when it is assembled, then you are starting to have a problem.

  Some of these older guns have slight peening and don't get worse.

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